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Dark Ether Film Production

Written, Directed, and Produced in 2022

Hakeem Sharif, Javon Bates, Lafette Fryerson, Anthony D. Phillips Sr., Katelyn M. Allen, Angel M. Hawkins

Javon Bates

About the Project

By Javon Bates

Writing, directing, and producing "Dark Ether" in 2022 was a remarkable milestone in my filmmaking journey, built upon previous experience in the industry.


This project was based on a book I wrote, which added a unique dimension to the filmmaking process. As the writer, I crafted a compelling script that brought our book to life on screen, staying true to the essence of our original work. Taking on the roles of director and producer, I guided the storytelling with clarity and openness to collaboration, ensuring the cinematic adaptation remained faithful to our literary creation. This synergy between the book and the film was a creative journey like no other.

The project thrived on the collective dedication of the team, turning challenges into exciting opportunities. Seeing "Dark Ether" on the big screen was immensely gratifying, confirming the growth in my filmmaking journey and the impact of our storytelling, which had evolved seamlessly from the pages of our book. It was a truly fulfilling experience.

Behind the Scenes

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The Dark Ether film was created based on the original book published in 2022 by Author Javon Bates. Get the paperback or Kindle version by clicking here. 

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