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Common Creed Film Production

Directed, Produced & Participated in Film 2019

Hakeem Sharif, Javon Bates, Lafette Fryerson, Anthony D. Phillips Sr., Katelyn M. Allen, Angel M. Hawkins

Javon Bates

About the Project

By Javon Bates

Starring in and producing "Common Creed" was a rewarding experience. It involved wearing two important hats: as the lead actor, I delved deep into the character's psyche, and as a producer, I managed various aspects of the production.


The script's compelling narrative explored themes of unity, sacrifice, and justice, demanding authenticity and emotional depth in its portrayal. Working closely with a talented crew, I oversaw everything from casting to location scouting, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie on set.

The long hours and challenges were worth it when we saw the finished product on the big screen. "Common Creed" became a powerful cinematic experience that resonated with audiences, a testament to the hard work and passion poured into it. This dual role was a journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and creative fulfillment that left a lasting impact on my career and life.

Behind the Scenes

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